AMZ Wholesale, 4 Tips That Will Help You Sell Like Crazy On Amazon

Giuliano Gonzalez
3 min readNov 10, 2021

Though selling through Amazon Marketplace can be overwhelming, it can bring you a fortune. It can offer you the unmatched potential for sales if appropriately managed. However, you need to take that first step and get started.

Clayton Willimas is a multimillion millennial who is disrupting Amazon’s trillion-dollar marketplace. He has made headlines in the way he helps his members partner with major brands to generate cash flow. His company AMZ Wholesale has taken an unusual approach to a common problem of cash flow.

However, many people still ask, what is the secret to great selling on Amazon?

Be Consistent & Focused

“Understanding that starting early & taking consistent action towards the vision no matter what is 80% of the battle when it comes to building an online business.” Says Clayton. Therefore you need to remain focused on one opportunity until it is consistently profitable and can be automated.

Being consistent and focused has helped Clayton power through the years of uncertainty until he finally found his goldmine.

Let Major Brands Advertise For You

It is regrettable to find that most companies spend millions of dollars on paid advertising, and still some end up not leveraging up. However, Clayton’s secret is for you to allow those brands with big names to do the advertising for you. And since people are looking for products everywhere, you can take advantage and sell on the big brands’ listings.

AMZ Wholesale will help you build a business that has been set up for decades.

Discover How MultiBillion Dollar Stores Are Finding Winning Products

“I spent weeks trying to find at least just one practice. 99% of people do their product research completely wrong. I wasted thousands of dollars on the wrong products, and even worse, we’re trying to find the use of videos and articles just to see what I did wrong, just to spend more weeks finding the wrong products. I was trapped in an endless research cycle and it literally went on for years.” Says Clayton.

When Clayton got his first sale on Amazon, he discovered how most successful stores on the planet do their product research. They stock their shelves with products that people are already looking for, like Nike, Colgate, and others, and all these products are also selling on Amazon. They then use a brand email approval script. They send emails from approved suppliers, and that way, their sales are scaled.

Get Golden Ecommerce Suppliers

Do you want a floodgate of customers for your stores? It would help if you found golden e-commerce suppliers. These are usually authorized suppliers that will make your inventory to be accepted by Amazon. These suppliers will ensure that your products are sold in the right place.

If you were to ask Clayton Williams to give an insight into the world on how you can sell crazily on Amazon, then his answer will be, be consistent in taking actions, allow the major brands to advertise for you, discover how multibillion-dollar stores are finding winning products and get golden E-commerce suppliers.



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