How Vlad Gasan Helps People Land Product Management Roles in Highly Reputable Companies

Giuliano Gonzalez
3 min readDec 6, 2021

Product management is an operation that focuses on creating a new product to bring to market, or expanding on an existing one. This process begins with an idea of a product that a customer will connect with, and the process is finalized by assessing the product’s success.

The demand for product managers worldwide is increasing every day. Their role is to set a strong vision and strategy for the organization. They help build out the products and often work alongside the engineers. Vlad Gasan is a product management expert who has made a name for himself, helping others land product management roles amongst the highly competitive nature of the industry.

Success does not happen overnight

Vlad Gasan is a product management expert who has worked as a software product manager for over eight years. He is the founder of the Product Management Mastermind Community that has over 4000 active members worldwide.

Today, Vlad is the Principal Product Manager at OfferUp, focusing on business intelligence and experimentation products. He is also a mentor, an Angel investor at Grishin Robotics, a featured speaker, and a product manager at eBay.

Moreover, Vlad writes, builds, and manages online communities. He is impacting the lives of a multitude of people by sharing his knowledge. What matters most to Vlad is helping people, doing fulfilling work, and feeling happy.

“Success does not just happen overnight. To achieve success, you must know how to deal with obstacles and failures which are stepping stones to get to the next level. Vlad went through many challenges” shares Vlad.

Industry experience — what it involves

According to Vlad, product management involves

  • Building products and features to achieve specific business KPIs,
  • Solving customers’ problems
  • Making every effort to ensure the team ships the right product

While many people are struggling to break into product management, for Vlad it is easy. His job is to help others get a job in the highly competitive industry and how they can make at least six figures yearly.

Product management requires various skills, including clear communication, technical knowledge, rigorous prioritization, data analysis, and leadership. So, to achieve your product management goals with ease, it’s important you learn these skills.

Vlad knows that getting the job on your own can be stressful and overwhelming. He aims to help more people get product manager jobs. So far he has helped over 50 people break into this industry and get offers from highly reputable technology companies through his coaching system.

Product management meets software engineering

The blend of product management and software engineering experience gives Vlad a competitive edge because he can deeply understand how products are built. He is also helping other product managers, VC investors, software engineers, technology thought leaders, and designers. To learn more about furthering your path and career in the product management industry, connect with Vlad on LinkedIn.



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