Jason Fox Is Creating A Huge Impact In Australia As An Exceptional Digital Marketing Consultant

Giuliano Gonzalez
2 min readMar 18, 2021

An inspiration to many people who coached and mentored over 700 plus students who are now making their name in the digital marketing world.

Jason Fox is not just an ordinary digital marketing consultant. He started from the ground working in a warehouse and has now created his marketing agency successfully, with only $25 in his name and massively growing it to $250 thousand. He partnered with the biggest names in the industry and worked with interesting projects. By mentoring and coaching as his forte, he inspired hundreds of students who also excelled and made a mark in the digital marketing world.

Jason Fox would like to talk about sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, and mindset. He wants to send his message to every individual and inspires those who want to be successful in their chosen field. He encouraged everyone to pick a monetizable skill. To focus and get extremely good at that skill. “Inspire everyone you know every single day exactly what you do and ask in what way you can help them”, he added. Another piece of advice that he can give to those who want to grow the same career path as him, is that he needs to expand his network by posting content on your social media handles and message people every day.

To improve your life, business, or relationship, Jason Fox recommends the following:

  • Pick on things to focus on and block everything out, don’t look at any shiny ball or any other opportunity for at least a year.
  • Consistency is better than massive action. Take action every single day. Do the small things that matter and don’t worry about big strides.
  • Your mindset is the key to unlocking everything you’ve ever wanted. You are where you are today because that’s where you deserve to be. You need to become the person who deserves more.
  • Business is extremely hard, you should not be coming into this thinking “Oh I’ll make a quick buck”, it will never happen. But if you work hard it’s the most rewarding thing you can ever do.
  • Set smaller goals, knock them off consistently and the bigger goals will come.

Jason Fox was inspired by his parents that kept him moving in reaching his goals. He is currently a Sales and Marketing consultant who hauled himself out from working in a warehouse to someone who is having his dream life and a successful businessman. To get inspired and to know more about Jason, you may also visit his Instagram account at jasoncfox.



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