Lucas Lee-Tyson: Sharing Free Digital Advertising Expertise To Many Aspiring Entrepreneurs Online

Giuliano Gonzalez
2 min readMar 17, 2021

Increasing the current standards for paid advertising and teaching breakthrough techniques and frameworks to many individuals.

Making noise in the digital advertising industry is the brilliant young entrepreneur Lucas Lee-Tyson. Undeniably one of the most legitimate marketing gurus online nowadays, Lucas Lee-Tyson deserves pride in being a digital advertising professional. Founder and CEO of Growth Cave, Lucas is currently helping businesses bring in more traffic and leads conversion to their business as well as helping entrepreneurs scale their digital ad campaigns through training and consultations.

Before all his success, Lucas Lee-Tyson was just another humble college student exploring and working on some side hustles inside his dorm room. He has been in the online marketing space ever since he was 15 years old. Despite his efforts in exploring the online marketing world and entrepreneurship, Lucas never really made good money out of it. Even so, he still felt the need to build something for himself. Something that would give him freedom — freedom to make the money he wants to make and freedom to enjoy his time doing what he loves.

One day while in a meeting at his internship job, Lucas Lee-Tyson got intrigued with how much money the agency he was working for was making out of one client just for managing and scaling their ads. This drove Lucas to dive into everything he could learn online about digital advertising. With his experience in his marketing internship as well as some YouTube videos and Facebook plus Google resources, Lucas Lee-Tyson eventually started learning and mastering digital advertising.

Landing one client after another and increasing his revenue month after month, Lucas decided to leave his internship job to focus on his business Growth Cave. With a business model built on inbound leads, Lucas Lee-Tyson wants people to see him as an “expert” and have them come to him instead of him chasing them. With his evident success and the success of his clients, Lucas Lee-Tyson is sharing as much knowledge and wisdom as possible through guest posting new blogs and publishing articles every week.

Lucas Lee-Tyson has appeared on many shows, podcasts, and interviews online sharing not only his humble journey but also pieces of advice and information driving other entrepreneurs to risk venturing and going for any business they wish to succeed in. To also help them start learning more about digital advertising, Lucas is even offering free training courses online.

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