Megan Chalidis: The Business & Mindset Coach That’s Helping Female Entrepreneurs To Get Booked-Out, Beautifully

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3 min readMar 31, 2021


Megan helps female coaches and consultants to consistently land their dream clients so they can live a life by their design

Whether she’s sitting in a hammock in Bali or coaching from her home in South Africa, Megan Chalidis is disrupting the marketing industry one coach at a time by teaching female entrepreneurs how to take back their power and learn exactly what they need to do to generate a consistent flow of clients to serve — without relying on paid advertising or working seven-day weeks. Her signature program, Booked-Out, Beautifully supports new coaches and consultants with the mindset shifts and online marketing strategy they need to get booked-out in their businesses in less time.

Megan’s passion for entrepreneurship was born from necessity. After losing both parents and journeying through the foster care system she found herself working a minimum wage sales and retail job after graduating Cum Laude at her local high school. She felt frustrated by the lack of growth opportunities in her day job (and her inability to pay her rent), and despite excelling as a salesperson, she knew that there had to be more to her career.

After switching careers and being employed as a graphic designer by a local creative studio, a health collapse changed it all. No longer able to meet the work demands of an eight to five job, and with a little push from a supportive family member, Megan set out on her path to entrepreneurship with the launch of her freelance graphic design and branding studio; which she began with zero start-up capital and no degree while pouring most of her earnings into her healthcare expenses.

Within the space of a few short years, Megan’s design business was booked-out and she began consulting on larger brand and marketing projects. Eventually, she was training corporate teams of 20 plus people in the space of branding and marketing with enough time-freedom to allow herself to heal from a battle with chronic Lyme disease.

“I’d always been incredibly good at finding clients and keeping them happy,” says Megan, “and the number one thing people kept asking me was: ‘How do I find more clients?’”. It was out of this need that Megan’s consulting business venture was born.

Coaching and consulting allowed Megan to build a life by her design; a life of choice, and now she’s passionate about sharing everything she’s learned with as many entrepreneurs as she can through mentorship, speaking engagements and online programs where she passionately shares her expertise on digital marketing, offer development, sales strategy and money-mindset.

“If I can do it, so can you,” says Megan as she recalls building her business from her 3x3m office and bedroom. “All that you need is the desire to make it happen, and the commitment to take consistent action even when things feel challenging.”

Today, you can find Megan ballroom dancing, or sharing her thoughts on marketing and sales with entrepreneurs from around the world. You can connect with her on Facebook, or visit her website for free bonus content to help you grow your business and get Booked-Out, Beautifully



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