Mitchell Robertson, Generating Wealth In The Metaverse Through Unique NFT Projects

Giuliano Gonzalez
3 min readJan 20, 2022

With the tech market’s recent explosion of Crypto assets, blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies have become more accessible than ever. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is a revolutionary new way for people and brands to create unique digital goods that collectors can buy and trade.

The digital asset market is still in its infancy, and while nothing beats the thrill of acquisition and generating profits, it is crucial that investors learn how to distinguish those trades that may lead to losses and trades that have great potential to win. Mitchell Roberston of 100k Creators has discovered what it takes for new crypto investors to invest wisely in the Metaverse so they can stay ahead of the curve before NFTs hit their peak.

100k Creators: A network of collectors with multi-million dollar NFT projects

100k Creators is a mastermind of students who learn high-level research methods from big collectors, search for projects and share within the community. The team has a network of collectors with multi-million dollar NFT portfolios, all of which they get expert information from and share in their Discord server.

Robertson shares, “We can recognize the signs of major winning NFT projects before they’re big. We can tell the difference between the exceptional NFTs and the scams so we can help students turn a profit in as little as 2 days. By building this community of students using these research methods, we’re all able to share gems with each other while this space is set to explode.”

Generating profits in weeks, if not days

One of Robertsons’s students turned over a profit within only two days and another 1-on-1 student-generated tens of thousands in profit from his first project. He proudly shares, “I was helping friends and family at first, then I started getting a lot of messages about it. A lot of people are interested in the space. I actually helped my first student turn a profit in 2 days. He joined my program on Wednesday and as we confirmed his acceptance, I let him know about a project I’d been looking at. He ended up jumping in and turning a generous profit by Friday morning.”

As for the 1-on-1 student, Mitchell Robertson says “Before the program started, I helped him mint his first NFT. It was a bigger investment initially, which I don’t usually recommend without decent capital, but it was a definite winner. After a few weeks, he saw more than a 3x return after NIKE purchased the company. These are the projects we are looking for. This is why we do our research.”

NFT collectibles have become more valuable than the actual objects they represent

Robertson shares with certainty that his rise to success in the NFT space is largely due to having a strong background in eCommerce, business and marketing. He has managed over 30 million dollars in sales in eCommerce over the span of his entrepreneurial career and it is this prior knowledge and skill that he believes helps him dive deep into teams and identify winning NFT projects. Robertson noted, “Like any business, you’re investing into the team and whether you believe they’re going to pull off what they say they will.”

Now he has a growing community of students all researching and sharing their findings.

We are living in a world where NFT collectibles have become more valuable than the actual objects they represent. Currently, many people are still unsure what NFTs are and how they work. Mitchell Robertson says “That’s why there’s so much opportunity. Eventually, it will be common practice, and those that get in now are getting in on Bitcoin, early 2017.”



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