Myra Fordham Shares How To Regain Your Inner Power After Suffering From Domestic Abuse

Giuliano Gonzalez
3 min readFeb 22, 2022

Trauma is challenging to overcome for most because the memory and experience from a traumatic event leave a permanent imprint in their minds. They identify as victims, and their self-worth diminishes, leaving them feeling completely helpless.

Myra Fordham, a survivor of domestic abuse and Australia’s #1 Trauma coach, helps professional women heal from their past trauma to regain their inner power, freedom, and happiness.

Back in 2016, Myra was physically assaulted at the hands of her boyfriend at the time, who punched her in the head after seeing a text message on her phone. This caused the blood vessels in her head to bleed, and she spent 11 days in an induced coma, followed by brain surgery and weeks in hospital for rehabilitation.

Instead of dwelling in a state of victimhood, Myra Fordham chose to see the light in her situation and awakened to the realization that she was meant to go through the pain and trauma so she could reach her highest purpose — which is helping others to heal. Despite also experiencing abuse as a child, she is now moving forward in life in leaps and bounds, pursuing her goals and dreams.

If you believe you are a life-long victim, then your reality will reflect that belief, and you will remain in a state of suffering. However, by choosing to believe that you can overcome anything, anything in life is possible, no matter the pain.

Myra Fordham now earns five figures a month as a Trauma Coach. In recent months she has done what many in her position would deem impossible, sharing “In the past three months, I beat imposter syndrome, gained my 1st ever male client and international client, became an international best selling author on Amazon, invested into my business and personal development, completed my Certificate III in Business, and healed generational and genealogical trauma.”

Speaking of her life-threatening experience, Myra shares, “I felt broken, like a baby, and had to be pushed around in a wheelchair. To heal from this traumatic incident, I have worked hard to heal my genealogical trauma and unlearn my toxic behavioral traits.”

Myra’s own experiences have shaped her into the successful coach she is today. She shares that when looking for a coach, ensure that they have had plenty of life experiences and overcome their challenges and limiting beliefs. This way, you can be sure that they are capable of helping you through yours.

Those who suffer from trauma must know that there is a support network out there for them to help them heal. It all comes down to a choice — the choice to remain stuck in the same repeated patterns or the will to heal and become happy and free. Now that Myra has regained a sense of power in her own life, she stays committed to helping others do the same.



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