Nicole Smith: An Established Well-Being Balance & Empowerment Coach.

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Changing clients lives for the better and using her personal story to inspire and give hope to those that need it the most.

It is always great to learn about those who during their quest to improve upon their own lives, have also gone ahead in changing the lives of many others. These individuals are the ones who believed that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and kept moving forward along the path of self-discovery even when things were dark. We recently came across a real story about a powerful woman named Nicole Smith, who has been to those dark places and back, before she became an influential Well-Being Balance and Empowerment Coach herself.

Nicole’s personal journey has been a bumpy one. Not only did she spend over 20 years in a depressive and anxious state, but she is also an abuse survivor and has overcome serious illness. She has gone from feeling completely broken, suicidal, unhealthy, unhappy, and having no idea who she was, to the complete opposite. She says, “Even in the midst of feeling completely broken, I knew somewhere deep down in my soul there was more to life than what I knew it to be.” And so, her quest to find out what was missing began.

Nicole’s determination to rise above the darkness wasn’t all smooth sailing. There were many setbacks and hurdles before eventually leading her to an extraordinary Life Coach. This is where she says, “Things began to shift for her.”

She began to understand herself and rediscover her identity. She became connected with her mind, her body and began to understand how she got that point in her life and how to start changing the course moving forward. She craved more knowledge so delved into studying things that she could apply to her own life to up level further. She studied Neuro Linguistic Programming, Integrative Health, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki and began to get both her mind and body healthy. All these things collectively helped Nicole make huge changes to her own life and in turn, motivated her to become a Coach to help others do the same.

Today, as a well-known Well-Being Balance and Empowerment Coach who owns ‘Up Coach & Personal’, helps both women and men, rediscover themselves to live fulfilling and balanced lives. She understands that no two people, or lives, are the same, so does not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to her coaching and chooses to guide others in a nonlinear fashion based specifically on the individual. She emphasizes “Changing the formula is key to developing a new clear mind, body and soul” and highlighting the big message for others struggling, Nicole says “Everyone can change their life with the right tools, know-how and support. You are not your past; you are not your story and your future are not yet written!” She wants to be the advocate for this change through her programs. As a personal Well-Being and Empowerment Coach, Nicole helps people rediscover their identity to live a fulfilled and balanced life that is free of the past.

Ask her who her inspiration is, and the Well-being Coach will tell you that “You need to be your own inspiration. You need to want more for you and then go after it, seek help from those who walked in the shoes, ask questions and keep moving forward.” She had to create all the change in her life and now feels very passionate about helping others do the same.

Nicole has been doing 1:1 Coaching for many years, conducted a Mind, Body & Soul detox retreat in Bali and most recently, due to travel restrictions, launched her first-ever online 10-week group program called ‘Empower’ which she says is “10 weeks with me, that’s all about YOU.”

Advising others who wish to become a part of the same career as hers, she says “be the change first, fill your cup first, know who you are, be congruent in all you do, then go out and help others.”

With Up Coach and Personal, Nicole Smith has been changing the lives of people for the better and helping them transform their relationship with themselves, health goals, personal goals, passions, and dreams into action, all while learning to create a balanced and fulfilling life.

To know more, follow her page on Instagram Nicole Smith @upcoachandpersonal and visit her website



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