Nidal Rasheed — One Of The Most Sought-after Entrepreneurs Lays Out The Three Pillars Of Smart Property Investing.

Giuliano Gonzalez
3 min readFeb 24, 2021

Nidal is an excellent property investment expert and serves as the Managing Director at Silvertail Property Group.

As entrepreneurs, achieving the goals that we wanted can be difficult. Sometimes, we even think that our goals are not good enough to build and create the business or live the life that we wanted hence we let that dream go and move on. And, there are entrepreneurs who stood out, despite having difficulties in their lives or building their dreams.

Nidal Rasheed’s name tops the list of such entrepreneurs from Australia, who knew his potential and decided to maximize the same to achieve all his business goals. Today, he has gone so ahead in the industry that his efforts have been impacting the lives of people for the better, which made him a successful business and success coach.

Nidal is the brain behind one of the most known companies in the real estate niche called Silvertail Property Group as its Managing Director. His company helps people every step of the way to help and educate their clients to achieve their long-term wealth through smart property investing. He has worked day and night to help Australian families get on and move up the property ladder.

Who better than him today to explain to us the three pillars of smart property investing? Let’s get into knowing what Nidal Rasheed has to share with us:

  • Strategize: Nidal Rasheed points out that investors must think strategically and instead of getting caught up by emotions, they must remain focused and stick to a strategy, which can make sure their investment decisions are working towards their goals. Each of the properties they buy must fulfill certain criteria they have set themselves through their chosen strategies, which must help them get closer to their end goal.
  • Manage the risks: Nidal Rasheed says that smart investors are aware of sound finance strategy as well as a sound property strategy. They must be aware that they don’t over-leverage and also build sufficient financial buffers in their offset accounts or lines of credit to see them through the peaks and valleys of property investing. Smart investors know how to manage risks that come with property investment.
  • Invest against the grain: Smart investors are those who know that the property space moves in cycles and also appreciate the power of counter-cycle investing. Hence, they do not follow the crowd. They stick to their tried and true strategies, knowing that others are usually late to the party. They also study the macroeconomic fundamentals for understanding the cycle and staying ahead of it. They also know that sticking to a niche in their investment will turn them into experts.

Today, Nidal is a serial entrepreneur with five companies and a diverse investment portfolio that allows him to have a passive income stream.

Do not forget to follow him on Facebook at Nidal Rasheed Official, Instagram @nidalrasheedofficial, and YouTube at Silvertail Success



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