Vaibhav Namburi, Create Hyper-Personalized Cold Emails Using SmartWriter AI

An artificial intelligence model scanning over 1,500,000,000 pages per search, that outputs 15 personalized first lines used across an entire email campaign sounds very superstitious. What better way to save time by generating over 1000 thousand personalized emails that get you 8 times more replies within a few minutes using AI and a few clicks? What is fascinating is automating an entire outreach process 40 times faster and 6 times cheaper than manually doing it.

Artificial Intelligence has challenged the game of doing things manually. With a unique AI model that personalizes and considers over 126 different data points per interaction, the output quality has made it possible for many clients to close up to $10,000 to $15,000 monthly revenue deals within 1–2 weeks. uses AI to create hyper-personalized cold emails. They’re currently used by the world’s best agencies, Y Combinator startups, and several fortune 500 companies to personalize all their outbound messages. They offer a wide range of personalization strategies

  • B2B output personalization using LinkedIn profiles
  • Personalization for offline businesses using Google reviews
  • Deep personalization is where AI scours the internet to personalize based on a prospect’s podcast, news articles, blogs, medium blogs, interviews, webinars, and much more.
  • Covers virtually all aspects of personalization research within seconds
  • Backlink personalization to help improve a website’s ranking with Google
  • Customers can then focus on closing deals instead of doing mundane lead generation.

Vaibhav Namburi and the team at SmartWriter are behind all this innovation. Out of passion and chasing curiosity, after graduating, he slowly learned how to code. He worked as a software engineer in a few start-ups that he was part of their growth. Five2one was founded after Vaibhav’s brave actions of quitting the software engineering corporate gigs. The seven-figure development agency was privileged to work with prominent clients like The United Nations, Newscorp, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers within the first year. Since then, the agency has built over 52 products, including in the fintech, legal tech, and automotive tech industries.

To grow his agency, Vaibhav Namburi had to build a dependable outbound system that consistently found leads and nurtured them to create offers one could not neglect. He decided to productize this approach into an artificial intelligence personalization. With the help of a SaaS app, he helps others scale their outbound and business-to-business sales cycles to achieve 50–100 times return on investment within a few weeks.

It has not always been rainbow and sunshine for Vaibhav to thrive in his niche. At 24 years, he vividly remembers failing several start-ups and losing significant cash trying to build a new start-up. He lost clients who went bankrupt because the Covid 19 pandemic was so intense on their side. He says, It was not easy to stand on solid ground recovering the capital lost.’ However, he has always learned to pick up himself, dust off, and move on to the next thing like nothing ever happened.

Vaibhav Namburi’s language of success is ‘ A never-ending roller coaster journey.’ He enlightens upcoming founders that engineering alone won’t go too far these days. He continues, ‘Focus on distribution rather than only on the product. The best products do not succeed because they are great; they succeed because they were engineered for growth, and therefore success .’

He aspires to grow SmartWriter to help the new age economy of businesses to succeed with a consistent pool of customers through predictable outbound sales with personalization.

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